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Life is always subject to revision.'s Journal
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Monday, March 13th, 2006
12:11 pm
Monday, February 27th, 2006
5:25 pm
in the spirit of revival...
Did anyone else see this? I feel like people should have (I haven't checked email in over a week), but none of my friends that I can usually count on to post women's-rights-related things in the news haven't. Hrm.

NY Times: Justices to Review Federal Ban on Partial Birth AbortionCollapse )

Current Mood: perturbed
Tuesday, February 21st, 2006
7:34 pm
back from the dead
Hi all.

So this community dropped off the face of the earth. Sadness.

I still want to resurrect it. Towards this end, I'm updating the profile, so that people can find it and join. Do people still want to be part of a community, or have ya'll found others? What should we say in the profile? What kind of community do we want to be?

I am very bad at unilateral decision making. I would adore input. I would also adore some intelligent discussion on my friends list, bad as I have been at contributing to such discussion myself.

I hope ya'll are well, and stuff.

PS. Specific questions:
1. What other interests should I list in the profile so people can find us? (Or, what interests should I take off? I was just brainstorming)
2. Is someone willing/able to make a community icon?
3. Is someone willing/able to troll around other communities looking for likely members?
Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
6:46 pm
oh the silence...
Hi, poor slumbering group. I have been neglectful. I had a goal, over spring break, to write a profile for this group, and then spring break failed to be break-ful.

This is just to let ya'll know that I haven't forgotten, but that school doesn't get out for four more weeks. I'll take a stab at a profile then (really, it'd be unrealistic to say I'll get to it sooner), but if someone feels inspired to do such a thing, it would be more than welcome.

Current Mood: busy
Monday, February 28th, 2005
5:41 pm
old members
I should be doing my homework, instead, I thought I'd try to remember members of a_real_riot.

scar_crow--present and accounted for
balamuthua--present and accounted for
skamp21--uhh, yeah.
hushchild--present and accounted for
shivaslastdance--present and accounted for

beaveronaleash--I left a comment on per LJ. Might show up?
Jen with a bunch of numbers after her name. Unfortunately I don't remember the numbers. Can't find her.
owlsarentaholes--I left a comment on her LJ. Might show up?
There was somebody that was some variety of mr_gender_lez...mr_genderlesz...mrgender..something...I can't find per. There was a whole group of British secondary school kids that applied in one big group that I can't remember.
dykestar--I would like to invite her to join. But I have no idea what her feelings are towards the group right now, or the group's feelings towards her. Given all that I'm hesitant to leave a comment on her LJ. Anyone have opinions?

It occurs to me, belatedly, that not everybody might be pleased with me popping into their LJs and leaving comments about the existance of the community. So I don't think I'll contact anyone else. Am I violating some sort of unwritten LJ code? Being rude? Does anyone remember any other members who might want to be informed about the group?

I guess I'll do my homework now. Sigh.

Current Mood: blah
Sunday, February 27th, 2005
7:01 pm
I was in a_real_riot and scar_crow pointed out that this new community was starting up.

I don't mind if it stays small and has relatively little traffic, sometimes cozy is better than massive. :)

Anyway, I'm a gamer and I read comics. I've gotten increasingly disgusted with how prevalent violence against (and oversexualiazation of) women play into these two HUGE media types. Game Informer magazine is stuffed full of images like this, I mean check out this month's cover art:

This is tame by comparison to most of the advertising in the book.

Current Mood: irritated
Friday, February 18th, 2005
3:20 pm
In response to the first post:
I think we should create a new community that is somewhat similar to a_real_riot, but with a few changes.

For one thing, instead of catering solely to the "riot grrl" community, I think we should broaden the membership by appealing to all feminists. The term "riot grrl" really limited the old community because it evokes a certain aesthetic that not all intelligent feminists can identify with. If we made it an all-purpose feminist community, we would get a more interesting mix of opinions and ideas.

Also, instead of having just one moderator, I think there ought to be a group of moderators. That way, if some sort of controversy erupts in the community, the group of moderators can fairly & reasonably decide how the situation should be handled, rather than having the decision rest on the whims of just one person.

I'm not sure how we should resolve the voting issue. My major problem with it is that the majority of posts seemed to be just surveys--and I'd like this to be a more of a discussion oriented community.

Any other ideas?

Current Mood: hopeful
Wednesday, February 16th, 2005
4:24 pm
This could be the beginning of a beeyooootiful friendship!
Okay, so, here I am. All by my lonesome.

I put this up so that people could come and discuss the possibility of resurrecting a_real_riot, or something like it. As I see it, there's a few options:

1) Somehow convince dykestar to put a_real_riot back online, with or without her as the moderator (if she wants out, I can only respect that).

2) Not start a new community.

3) Start a new community strikingly similar, with the same system and such.

4) Start a new community that's different, ie, not voting people in (though I don't think that was a huge bone of contention to begin with...?)

I would rather not this become a venue for gossiping or discussing the demise of a_real_riot. It's gone, it's done, let the drama die. That said...I'm not going to delete comments that are gossipy in nature.

I would also like to find as many past riot members as possible, and invite them to share their opinions. So, if you know anyone else who was in the community, please hook them up. I remember very few names.

Thanks all.
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